iPhone users late for work due to alarm clock bug


Thousands of iPhone users were ONE HOUR late for work today – after a bug caused their device to go off without compensating for daylight saving.

The iPhone’s clock automatically went back one hour as planned, but a fault meant the alarm didn’t synchronise, meaning users were woken up an hour later than intended.

Scores of iPhone 4 users flooded blogs and internet chat boards to vent their frustration.
Conor Mulhern tweeted: ”iPhone alarm bug made me wake up late

”It went off exactly an hour late. Glad it may not have been just me.”

”iPhone alarm bug strikes! I thought it was just me but apparently the bug that caused my iPhone alarm to wake me an hour late hit everyone,” tweeted Simon Moores.

Another added: ”iPhone alarm bug strikes! I thought it was just me but apparently the bug that caused my iPhone alarm to wake me an hour late hit everyone!”

The bug was first acknowledged by Apple after clocks were put forward for daylight savings in for Australia at the start of October.

Due to the glitch in the iPhone’s alarm clock application, any recurring alarms set to go off on multiple days, such as a weekday alarm, went off an hour earlier than the time set.

A spokesman from Apple Australia said at the time that a solution to the bug was already in the pipeline.

He said: ”We’re aware of this issue and already developed a fix which will be available to customers in an upcoming software update.”

But European users were not told of the problem, leading to many arriving late for work. It is expected a solution will be found before the United States adjusts its clock to mark the start of winter.

iPhone 4 users are being urged to delete all alarms and create new alerts.

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    • Until an update is available (if not already) you can do a temporary fix by setting your recurring alarms an hour earlier than needed so if you want it to go off at 8:20 am then set it as 7:20 am.

      The other fix is to scrap any recurring alarms and set the alarm as new each day (don’t choose any days in the repeat option). Doing this way will allow you to set the alarm at 8:20 am and go off at 8:20 am.


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