iPad2 launched by Apple’s Steve Jobs


Apple CEO Steve Jobs yesterday unveiled the iPad2 at a conference in San Francisco.

iPad2 launched by Apple’s Steve Jobs

The latest version of the revolutionary ‘tablet’ device comes with faster processing and front and back cameras.

Many suspected that Jobs, who is suffering from Pancreatic cancer, would be too ill to attend, but he explained: “We have been working on this product for a while and I just didn’t want to miss today.”

Apple have recently faced stiff competition in the tablet market from the likes of Google’s android system.

Their share of the market fell from 95% to 75% by the end of 2010.

Jobs insisted that the iPad2 is smaller, lighter and faster than the previous model, and described it as an all-new design rather than just an updated version of the original iPad.

The new product goes on sale in the US on 11 March and then from 25 March in the UK and other countries.


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