Invacare launches new inspirational video


Global brand leader Invacare is proud to announce the release of its new inspirational video designed to inspire and empower customers.

The new video showcases Invacare’s comprehensive product range, a range which spans the continuum of care and plays a key role in many people’s lives across the globe.

Featuring a wide range of everyday moments and activities, the inspirational video demonstrates how Invacare’s innovative solutions can encourage users to adopt that ‘Yes, you can’ mentality and lead a healthy, active and engaging life. Scenes include a high-paced power wheelchair football match and a young couples first date as well treasured moments with family and friends.

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Ricardo Perez Font, Invacare EMEA Marketing Director speaking at the video launch said: “Sometimes, because of the diversity of our solutions and the vast range of conditions they assist people to combat, it can be difficult to say ‘this is Invacare and this is what we do’. Therefore we have created this video to show various aspects of our product diversity whilst also showing people living their lives and embodying the spirit of our ‘Yes, you can’ ethos.”

The new video is part of Invacare’s ‘Trusted Solutions, Passionate People Initiative’. The initiative aims to harness the power of Invacare’s industry expertise and dynamic workforce to deliver accessible, educational content to professionals and consumers alike.


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