Introducing Two New Adult Colouring Books from the House of Toss



Modern Toss is proud to present two new additions to their ground-breaking satirical adult colouring book series: ‘Mindlessness’ and ‘The Weekend’. Following the huge success of ‘Mindless Violence’ and ‘The Working Day’ (2016), these hilarious new releases offer a full mind and body re-boot in the form of art therapy. Follow a cast of distracted people going about daily tasks with catastrophic ineptness and celebrate the joys and challenges of modern weekend activities.

To accompany these brand new colouring books, Modern Toss is also offering a pioneering breakthrough in pencil technology. ‘Double Ender Rainbow Shit Scribblers’ are the latest in colouring ingenuity, with each set of 12 pencils providing 24 uniquely-described colours, such as ‘colon sunset’ and ‘supermarket mince’.

Both books are now available from the Modern Toss online store.
High res images and further information available on request.


Following the success of the ‘Mindless Violence’ colouring book (2016), ‘Mindlessness’ taps into the therapeutic benefits and mindful state that colouring in pictures can produce. Follow a cast of absent-minded men and women as they explore what happens when a series of everyday tasks are approached with a completely empty mind.

Produced by cartoonists Jon Link and Mick Bunnage, this unique art therapy book offers 64 pages of relaxing images featuring easily distracted people who follow their mental urges with no concern for real world consequences. These calming scenes of contemporary mindlessness are set against backdrops of geometric patterns – ideal for colouring in.



The Weekend’ is the latest adult colouring book from Modern Toss. Relax and celebrate your well-deserved two days off work a week by colouring in images depicting the thrill of hosing down your car on a Saturday morning, botching up some half-arsed DIY project, sitting in a traffic jam for a car boot fair, then getting hammered alone with a takeaway in front of some TV costume drama. It’s the perfect spiritual re-boot for the looming brain crunch of Monday morning. Follow the Modern Toss cast of ill-fated men and women as they attempt to enjoy their weekends, then kick back and chill as you achieve for yourself a peaceful, mindful state through the medium of colouring in.




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