Interesting Places to Buy a Holiday Home


A home away from home makes for the best kind of vacation. There are times when we fall in love with a place so much that we want to live there, but for one reason or another cannot. A holiday home is often the best option wherein travellers can enjoy the benefits of living in a different country for a short period and also make money in the long run from rentals. 

Choosing the right holiday home can be a tedious task. Factor such as local laws, a proper buying agreement, and the location itself, all play a significant role in the final decision. The decision to buy a holiday home should be taken over time and with much deliberation. Moreover, you should always visit the place at least three to four times before taking the step.

Some countries are slightly better than others when it comes to having a holiday home. The proximity to your location plays a part, and it helps if there are direct flights to your final destination, but the condition of the property market, as well as the local culture, also matter in the long run. 


With its many islands and scenic spots, Greece has always been one of the premier destinations to buy a holiday home. There is a rustic charm to the whole country, and if you have a love for the sun, sand, and sea, then it only gets better. Avoiding some of the more popular islands like Mykonos or Santorini is recommended as the prices are high here and tourist season can get busy. Instead, look at Amorgos or Naxos, islands that are a little less crowded during the summer months. But be ready to work a little on your house, as the properties here are typically old and might need some restoration.


Admittedly buying property in the Maldives is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it is among the most beautiful places in the world, a collection of islands in the Indian Ocean perfect for a romantic getaway or a diving trip. Sadly, a property is not easy to find, unless you have loads of cash and can buy a whole island for yourself, and possibly start a resort there. More importantly, Maldives is slowly going underwater due to climate change and will submerge in about 30 years. Still, it’s not as bad as buying property on the moon, which apparently is a trend these days. Do make sure that if you go for a holiday home in the Maldives, the lease is short term, and the house comes with a boat should the unavoidable happen earlier than expected. 


India has its own set of challenges when it comes to buying property, but because there is a lull in the market right now, it is a great time to pick up a holiday home, or two, over there. The rich cultural diversity of the nation means you can choose from many options. The seaside city of Goa is often the first choice of many home buyers, but places like Kerala and even the suburbs of Delhi are booming right now and can make for sound investment in the long run. The rental market in India is always in demand, so for the months you are back home, it is still possible to rent out your home and make some money out of it. 


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