Tiny cuttlefish pictured feeding


These bite-size cuttle fish born at a British aquarium have a big appetite – and can already eat prey twice their size.

The school of 14 molluscs each measure just 1cm long and were hatched at Blue reef Aquarium in Newquay, Cornwall.

But the tiny predators can already slay shrimp more than twice their size using their eight arms and a pair of feeding tentacles.

The aquarium’s David Waines said the cuttlefish can also camouflage themselves to be able to ambush their prey.

He said: ”We’ve already got more than a dozen babies and more are on their way. Although they’re each only a centimetre long you can already see them changing colours.

”For most people, their only experience of cuttlefish is the remains of their hard internal shells washed up on the beach but they really are incredible creatures.

”These are natural born predators and are able to kill and eat a shrimp twice their own length on the very day they hatched.”

Cuttlefish can be found in the shallow waters along the English Channel, throughout the Mediterranean Sea, and in western parts of the Atlantic Ocean.


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