Incredible photos of International Space Station


These incredible photographs show the International Space Station etching a perfectly straight line across the night sky – while it hurtled through space at a staggering 17,000mph.

The space station orbits the earth 15 times every day – completing each full circuit in just 91 minutes but can only be viewed on average four times in any one spot due to cloud cover.

But photographer Paul Bunyard, 39, captured the arrow-straight trail of the space station – as it soared 250 miles above his home in Rugby, Warks., on September 3.

He said: ”You can’t often see the space station because clouds often obscure it but that night the sky was totally clear and you could see it making its way across the sky.

”I was amazed how absolutely straight the trail line was, it was like someone had drawn a pure white line across the sky.”


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