Incredible £420,000-plus Rolls-Royce hearse unveiled


What a way to go… car fans can make their final journey in style with this incredible Rolls-Royce HEARSE.

Incredible  420,000 plus Rolls Royce hearse unveiled

Italian firm Biemme Special Cars wanted to build a funeral chariot for the wealthiest people on earth.

So they went to work on the Rolls-Royce Phantom – the world’s most luxurious car used by the likes of Simon Cowell, David Beckham and Lord Sugar.

The result is this 23ft (7m) long Rolls-Royce which has been fitted with 600 new components and undergone 650ft (200m) of welding.

It retains its four doors, meaning there is space for passengers as well as a 2.34-metre long section for a coffin.

Incredible  420,000 plus Rolls Royce hearse unveiled

Under the bonnet is a 6.75-litre V12 engine developing 453bhp and a suspension designed to be the smoothest and most comfortable on the road.

Biemme Special Cars refuse to confirm the value of the model, named B12, but they said it is considerably more than 500,000 Euros (£419,000).

There have been a small number of one-off Rolls-Royce hearses built over the past 50 years but this is believed to be the first ‘production’ version with Biemme planning on building two per year.


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