Important Factors You Should Consider Before Starting a Blog


blogBlogging is one of the best ways to reach a huge online audience. However, there are millions of blogs on the internet that don’t attract very many people and fail miserably. The good news is that there are ways you can avoid this fate and build a busy blog that will last for many years to come. Below are some of the most important factors you should consider before starting a blog.

Topic or Niche

Before you get into the technicalities of building your own blog, you need to have a clear vision of what you want your blog to achieve and what topic or niche it will cover. Once you make this decision, you can start to worry about the nuts and bolts of creating your blog.

Domain Name and Hosting

Every type of website, including blogs, requires a domain name. The name you choose should be related to the topic of the blog, your brand and, if possible, make it a catchy, memorable name. You also need reliable hosting for your blog. The hosting provider you choose should provide excellent support and ensure that your website loads quickly and is always online.

Blogging Platform and Theme

Once your domain name and hosting are in place, you need to decide what blogging platform to choose. The blogging platform you select should be easy to install, flexible, and it should be easy to add content such as blog posts on a regular basis.

Currently, WordPress is the leading blogging platform available. It has a huge user base which includes a large number of blogging experts. As a result, WordPress has become the perfect tool for bloggers, with a wide range of free and premium themes available to give you the functionality you need.

Plugins, Widgets and Add-ons

As well as having a huge number of themes to choose from, you can easily expand the functionality of your blog by installing additional components such as plugins, widgets or add-ons. These features make it easier to optimize your content, share your content, and allow your website visitors to interact easily with you and other people who visit your website.


It’s vital to understand how your website is performing from the start. In recent years, it’s become easier to do this by installing a range of different analytics systems that allow you to track every interaction that takes place on a blog or other online outlet.

However, to really benefit from this type of technology, you should consider completing an online master of science in analytics course from a recognized educational institution like Villanova University. An online MSA degree like this will give you the skills and knowledge required to continually improve your blog and you could even help other individuals or businesses who require this type of expertise.

Starting a blog is exciting. However, it’s an activity you need to take seriously, especially if you want to make an income from it or you want to reach a wider audience of potential shoppers and customers. The tips above will ensure that you give yourself a fighting chance to become the owner of a busy, popular blog.


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