The Moore family from Norwich father and daughter have Treacher

Alice Moore, 13 months who was born with the rare disease Treacher Collins Syndrome – her father Simon Moore, 30 also has the disease. Simon’s wife Vicky Moore, 36 had IVF treatment to help conceive Alice as they so wanted to start a family together. See MASONS story MNFACE: A new dad with a severe facial disfigurement has defended his decision to have a baby daughter with the same condition. Simon Moore, 30, who is also profoundly deaf, has always been bullied and would hide indoors to avoid the stares of strangers. His life changed when his hearing dog Foggy, introduced him to Vicky, 36, at a sign language class five years ago and the pair married in 2012. They wanted a family so started IVF and made the decision to keep baby Alice when tests showed she also had the condition known as Treacher Collins Syndrome (TC). They had been offered a special IVF process which included state-of-the-art preimplantation genetic diagnosis to screen for the TC gene that Simon carried. The treatment would search for and destroy any embryos that carried the faulty gene. But after speaking to their family they opted for traditional IVF because they feared the screening process could leave them with no embryos.

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