Ice Cream Entrepreneur Lost Over TEN STONE – After Putting A Freeze On Frozen Treats

Peter Mastrantuono before embarking on his slimming journey.
Peter Mastrantuono before embarking on his slimming journey.
Peter Mastrantuono before embarking on his slimming journey.

A man whose family run an ice cream empire has lost a staggering 10 AND HALF STONE – after putting a freeze on frozen treats.

Peter Mastrantuono grew up surrounded by an abundance of ice cream and lollies, and now runs the largest independent wholesaler of ice cream in the UK.

But his love of gelato cost his health dearly and when he stood on the scales last year he was shocked to see he weighed a staggering 23 stones.

The 49-year-old said: “I play guitar in a band called Thunder Monkeys and we played a gig last June.

“A mate put a video of us playing on You Tube and I couldn’t believe it when I saw what I looked like. My legs were swollen, I could hardly move about, I was hunched over and I didn’t look very well at all.”

The married father-of-three from Bradford, West Yorks., knew the ice creams had to go and in his first week of dieting he ate mostly fruit and lost 17lbs.

“But I knew that if I wanted to be serious about losing weight I would need the help and support of like-minded people that knew what it felt like to have a weight issue,” he said.

So the company director joined Slimming World with his mum, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and daughter.

From there the fat just melted away.

Peter Mastrantuono who had lost ten stone in ten months.
Peter Mastrantuono who had lost ten stone in ten months.

In his first week at the slimming club he lost 20lbs and continually lost weight, losing an amazing 100lbs in 100 days by October 12, last year.

Determined Peter said: “It’s a funny industry with ice cream. It’s pretty quiet in the colder months but when the sun shines it goes crazy.

“While everyone else it outside enjoying the weather we are working all hours.

“You work from morning til night and quite often you don’t get chance to eat, so you grab whatever is in front of you – ice cream.

“As a child we would have plenty of ice cream in the house – Dad would always give us the damaged goods.

“And I would help out as soon as I was old enough, helping Dad out in the ice cream vans, and going to the wholesalers for the lollies and wafers.

“Funny Feet were always my favourite. Whereas now I like the more artisan ice creams, lemon meringue flavour or rhubarb crumble. Delicious.

“I still would do anything for ice cream but I have to eat it in moderation, as long as I count it in my diet it’s okay, but of course it is an occasional treat.

“Everybody loves a Magnum don’t they?”

Peter Mastrantuono eating ice-cream as a youngster.
Peter Mastrantuono eating ice-cream as a youngster.

Eventually Peter’s weight loss settled down and he was losing 1 – 2lbs a week.

He is still losing weight and is currently a svelte 12st 7lbs and has been crowned as Mr Sleek in his slimming class.

Peter said: “It’s not an ideal situation to work in ice cream when you are trying to lose weight, especially as I love it so much.”

Now he manages his sweet tooth with fruit.

His slim wife, Rosie, 45, helps out by cooking healthy meals. And their kids, Corey, 22, Skyla, 17, and Luca, 12, are all on board.

Peter worked with his dad around Bradford in his fleet of ice cream vans until his Italian dad went into wholesale.

Peter Mastrantuono with his family
Peter Mastrantuono with his family

He had his own wholesale business until he retired. He sold the business but left Peter as director.

Peter said: “I still taste the ice creams we sell but I taste with little scoops rather than three bowls full.”

Amanda Firth, Slimming World consultant who runs the class at Bolton Methodist church, Bradford, says Peter is a “fantastic” member.

She said: “He really supports other members, gives ideas and encouragement.”


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