Heart attack survivor Trevor Hing, 63, whose life was saved by the great Western Air Ambulance after his heart stopped three times. See SWNS story SWAIR; Emotional families saved by an air ambulance charity have taken part in a tear-jerking video campaign to help raise much needed cash for the vital service. The footage shows mums, dads and kids talking about how their lives have changed forever – but were ultimately saved by the service which is almost entirely funded by donations. Little Finlay Connor, six, was killed by an out-of-control bus while he held his mother Niki’s hand on the way to school. Brave Niki, 41, was nearly killed in the accident which saw her pinned to a car before being dragged along the road, but was saved by the Great Western Air Ambulance. She has now backed a fundraising campaign for the charity, thanking them for making sure her other son Louis, now seven, didn’t lose his “mummy and his brother”.

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