Graham Waugh

Graham Waugh age 45 with his personal trainer and business partner Claudia Marjoram age 34. One of Britain’s fattest men who used to guzzle more than 100 pints of coke a WEEK is opening the UKs first gym for super obese people – after he lost a staggering 31 stone. See swns story SWCOLA. Married Graham Waugh, 45, piled on the pounds when depression and anxiety trapped him indoors for more than a decade, and he reached a crippling 52 stones.He gorged on 12 takeaways and 21 family bags of peanut M&Ms a week, all washed down with a can of coke every half an hour – or more than 16 pints a DAY.But determined Graham – who also used to smoke 80 cigarettes a day – turned his life around after his big brother suddenly died, giving him a new lease of life.He shed a whopping stone a month thanks to a rigorous gym routine, strict diet and two operations – thought to be one of Britain’s biggest weight losses.The father-of-two from Stopsley, in Luton, Bedfordshire, is now drawing up a business plan for the UK’s first gym for overweight, obese and super obese people.

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