Kirsty Keep, 23, – pictured on a good day – who has asked to die in a Swiss clinic because she spends 90 percent of her life in hospital being treated for an insect bite she suffered 11 years previously. See SWNS story SWBITE; A young woman who fights for her life every day and wants to die in a Swiss clinic because of a condition that started when she was bitten by an INSECT eleven years ago. Kirsty Keep, 23, is too weak to even open a door ever since she contracted lupus following a bug bite in her back garden when she was just 12-years-old – and now she keeps asking her mum to help end her life. Kirsty was left suffering from lupus, a condition where her immune system attacks healthy cells, tissue and organs, and possibly more illnesses that have been left undiagnosed. Her family are now raising money to investigate her illness which has left her wanting to end her short life.

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