Home News Huge UFO allegedly spotted circling remote village in Malaysia

Huge UFO allegedly spotted circling remote village in Malaysia

The extraordinary unverified UFO footage which has been circulating in Malaysia (SWNS)

This is the heart-stopping moment an intimidating black ‘UFO‘ was apparently spotted circling a remote village – like something out of ‘Independence Day’.

Other-worldly footage shows the mysterious craft gliding eerily close to earth before disappearing into the night.

Seconds later, it turns on its axis and sails back for a second look – much to the amazement of gob-smacked villagers in Malaysia.

The bizarre clip, which was apparently filmed by terrified locals near Kuala Krai this week, shows bright white light pouring from the middle of the ‘flying saucer’.

It also emits an unnerving, low-frequency humming noise – which sounds like the whirr of an engine.


Frightened onlookers speaking in the native West Malaysian dialect stare at the UFO while one woman screams as it whizzes past.

‘What is it, what is happening?’ asks one local.

Another person adds: ‘It is a sky ship, it is another people.’

The video was shared by a local blogger who asked to remain anonymous for fear of upsetting the authorities in the deeply conservative country.

He said: ‘There’s no doubt what you see on the video. Everybody who saw the ship is convinced by what it is. They say they’re in no doubt that it was aliens.

”It’s such a remote location that they hardly see airplanes there, definitely not space ships. But there’s a big difference and anyone can tell the difference.

‘Some people say the clip has been edited and faked but it looks real. It’s clearly not a military aircraft or a commercial airliner.

”You cannot ever be 100% sure but if it is genuine, it is the best video of a real UFO ever seen.’

The flying object is said to have lingered near the village for a few more minutes before disappearing into the clouds.

But police dismissed the video after it went viral and sparked alarm.

Kuala Krai police chief Supt Abdullah Roning said they had received no reports of a UFO sighting.

He added: ”The video was circulated by certain parties.”




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