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Sponsored – HS Estate Agents are an estate agency located within Brentwood, Essex. HS Estate Agents have helped copious amounts of new buyers and sellers on their way to either the sale or acquisition of their property, ensuring that they are met with the very best price, ensuring that they are never left out of pocket. Being based right in the middle of Brentwood enables us to be able to spot out great areas to buy and sell in, making sure that we are always providing all of our clients with the very best pricing for their property.

At HS Estate Agents, we’re not the flashiest, or the newest, but over the years we have grown and built up a solid reputation for ensuring that the work gets done well, without sacrificing honesty or integrity… or humour. Speaking of honesty and integrity, we’re able to maintain this because we don’t overvalue our properties just to secure instructions. Our marketing strategies enable us to be able to ensure that buyers do not miss out on such a fantastic property like yours. Our negotiations are harsh on your behalf. This makes sure that we never carelessly compromise the value of your property resulting in a bad price.

If you’re looking for an estate agency located within Brentwood, look no further than HS Estate Agents. After a meeting with us, and a full market appraisal, we will give you an extremely clear picture of who might buy it, what it could possibly sell for, how long it’s likely to take to achieve a sale, and what should be done in order to achieve the very best price within your required time frame. All of our property sales manage to succeed where other estate agents fail to proceed to completion. In this market with extreme economic uncertainty has led to an extremely high rate of deals breaking down prior to the exchange. Us, at HS Estates, our fall-through rate is negligible.

We’re the very best estate agents located within Brentwood. Our hundreds of customers can’t be wrong? Contact us using the information below, and I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.


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