How to win by a chance or the story of the first million

Getting rich quickly without any effort seems to be everybody's dream
Getting rich quickly without any effort seems to be everybody's dream

Probably there is no such a man in the world who has not dreamt of winning in a lottery. Get rich without any effort seems to be the greatest dream of the whole mankind. Gold rush or American dream cannot be compared with a lifetime wish of any ordinal person to snatch a large sum.

Sports predictions, national lotteries, instant games of luck, drawings and other attractions of such kind give people a chance to try out their fortune and in rare cases even change one’s life. Even though this winning may seem mystical people still keep on playing and winning.

Getting rich quickly without any effort seems to be everybody's dream
Getting rich quickly without any effort seems to be everybody’s dream


Casino system was created in a way that any player can lose all his savings in a night while trying to get any reward. Not everyone is lucky enough to compete with a game of chance, but lucky men do exist and here are some of the stories that happened with ordinal people.  

One evening Australian billionaire made up his mind to visit a casino in Las Vegas because of curiosity to play baccarat and blackjack. That night fortune was on his side, and he won more than $ 30 million. But instead of taking money home he started to throw them around and gave a tip to waitress totaling $ 1 million. However, a year later he lost the equal sum of money in London casino. It goes without saying that a good practice before is a key for success afterwards. You can get to know all the tips of online gambling at online casino Australia.

Meanwhile, 25 years old engineer got his $ 40 million at slot. He came to Las Vegas to support his favourite basketball team but had some spare time in reserve. He dropped in the local casino and started to throw tokens in a slot machine… And guess what happened then – the music started to play signalling his jackpot. He preferred to remain unknown in the history of that casino but with a nickname “young engineer”. He did not take all at once but asked the establishment to send him around $ 1 million annually.

Another story says “Ask, and you will be given”. One aged woman came to Vegas for a holiday and dropped in a casino to relax. He immediately noticed one slot machine and felt there was something in it that eventually made her play at. She took a token and started a game. Three hours of continuous game and $ 9 million got into her pockets. It is worth to mention that lady had less than $ 100 initially.

Another granny notices that persistence and work can overcome everything. She got to win a round sum for the first time and kept on visiting casino regularly afterwards investing everything she had in her games. And the outcome did not make her wait long. She got a super profit at Megabucks and arranged the rest of her life in a luxury way still dropping in casinos from time to time.



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