How to Make Sure You Get The Correct ePOS System


Comprehensive ePOS systems software can be the new foundation of your business. It can simplify inventory management, support employees for success, target your marketing efforts, and boost your relationship with your customers. When you look at all the opportunities for streamlining and growth, it seems like it should be no question that your business needs one of these systems right now. 

When you start shopping for a system, though, it can be confusing which one you should choose. They all have different functions and features, come at varying price points, and boast different purposes. Here are some tips for how to make sure you get the correct ePOS system for your business.

Know What is Important to Your Business Now and as You Grow

Before you consider which ePOS system to purchase, it is a good idea to know which services are more important to your business as it currently operates. Take a look at the things you do well already, and the things you would like to improve. Maybe you need to get a handle on your inventory management, but your employees are highly motivated. Or maybe your accounting is a mess, but your marketing is strong. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your business will help you make the best decisions about which of the systems you will integrate into your daily operations.

When your business is ready to grow, you do not want to be held back by a system that will not grow with you. You need a system that can handle your business no matter how big it gets, so you never have to switch systems as you expand.


Some businesses focus on inventory more than others. Construction businesses constantly move large amounts of inventory from site to site. Stores need to make sure they are consistently stocked up on customers’ favorite items, while avoiding overstock that leads to financial loss. And restaurants have to keep up on stock moving in and out in a fast-paced environment. 

If your business deals with a large volume of varying inventory, then an intuitive system will shave hours off your record-keeping work. With the right ePOS system, your inventory management will be more accurate and nearly automatic. When purchases are made and items are used, they will be instantly removed from inventory. So no more double-entries. And you will have a real-time sense of what is in stock and what is moving.

A comprehensive ePOS system will help you evaluate your stock and maximise your profits by ensuring you have just the right amount without overstocking. You can also set up your system to monitor your inventory and make orders automatically, so you never have to worry about your supply again.


If your business is appointment-based, then your schedule is a major part of your inventory. If you are in the transportation industry, you need to make sure your deliveries are prompt and transport is efficient. If your services are by appointment, like massage, beauty, or training, you want to keep your schedule loaded but not overlapping. 

If you have a lot of employees, it is essential to make sure their schedules are clear and optimised for variation in business volume. Inefficient staffing can lead to unnecessary loss. 

The right ePOS keeps your schedules straight, ensures you are never late, and always keeps your shifts covered.

Customer Relations

Some businesses focus more on developing relationships with customers than others. If you are the sole provider of a service or product in a specific region then customer satisfaction is important, but relationship is less so. 

However, if you are trying to stand out in the crowd or would like to develop solid, loyal relationships with your customers, then you need to have an ePOS system that supports your efforts. The right system will provide you with information about what your customers love, and help you let them know you are paying attention. 

When you know what your customers like and how much they spend, you can tailor your promotions and communication to each individual customer. You can offer purchase and loyalty rewards, VIP promotions, and special deals based on their preferences. Keep in touch with your customers by setting your system to send automatic emails out, recognising special occasions, holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries.


Whether your business is entirely online or in brick-and-mortar stores, you want a system that will grow with you. When you choose your ePOS system, make sure it will grow with you. You may be interested in opening more stores or switching to an online platform. Or you may be expanding your services and inventory. Whatever your plans for the future of your company, you are well-served to ensure that your ePOS system will handle your growth. Your company will benefit from a system that is flexible enough to handle fast-paced changes inherent in today’s business environment.