How to Dress for a Trip to the Casino: It’s Not All James Bond and Cocktail Dresses


There are many reasons you might want to visit a casino. You might be marking a special occasion, enjoying a relaxed social night with friends, or indulging on a trip to Las Vegas, but whatever the reason – dressing the part is integral to the experience. So, here are our top tips on how to dress for your casino trip.

Monte Carlo glamour

The first thing to consider is what type of casino you are visiting. If you are visiting a high-end establishment in Monte Carlo, you will probably need to adhere to a very strict dress code. The more prestigious the occasion, the more glamorous the style expectations.

For women, cocktail dresses are the order of the day and should be matched with a high-quality sandal-style shoe with a medium heel. A small clutch bag along with a few subtle but expensive-looking accessories can help to complete the look. Diamond jewellery is also great, but don’t go overboard – at this end of the fashion spectrum, less is definitely more.

For men, think James Bond (minus the gun). After 8 pm, that means a sharp tuxedo or evening suit. If that’s not your scene, you might get away with chinos and a shirt and blazer. Some casinos open in the daytime and they are a little more relaxed during these hours. That said, shorts, jeans, trainers and flip flops are definitely out.

All this might sound a lot of fuss and expense if you are used to playing on online casinos. After all, you are unlikely to dress up as James Bond while sat at home browsing Casino Wings for the best deals. But the savings you make at home – perusing different types of online casinos and taking advantage of no-deposit bonuses – can be wisely spent on the garb that will have you looking the part.

James Bond” (CC BY 2.0) by brava_67

Going local

Of course, the prep of playing slots, roulette, poker, dice, card games at home might be more valuable if, when you venture out,  you’re staying local: most local casinos have a more relaxed dress code. Smart casual is still order of the day for men and women. So, sportswear and scruffy jeans are off the agenda, but smart jeans, polo shirts and shirts are all usually okay for men (and they’re usually less expensive than a full tux!). You might even get away with a pair of smart, clean trainers.

Dresses are fine for women as long as they are not too short or over the top – knee length is usually the best way to go. Blazers can work for men and women if jeans are being worn. Most city centre casinos want you to feel relaxed and comfortable, so wearing an expensive suit is not necessary.

In fact, because of the popularity of poker, most venues will even let you into the poker rooms wearing hoodies, baseball caps and sunglasses. It is always worth checking the company’s website first and they tend to like you make a little more effort if you plan on hitting the casino tables.

Heads Up_Dickie Malone” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by World Poker Tour

As you can see, there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to dressing for a trip to the casino and the dress code is not as stuffy as you would imagine. In most establishments, as long as you are at the smart end of casual, you will be fine, but having a look at the venue’s specific policies is always a good idea.


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