How to clean your home in a quicker and easier manner


It is wide known that many people put off doing the chores because doing them feels too overwhelming. So we do not feel guilty of avoiding or neglecting them till it becomes more and more daunting, and we finally start scrubbing the oven or washing the windows so that we can see through them again. And then we make promises to never ever let it get to that point again. And the cycle repeats over and over again. Do you recognise yourself? It does not have to be this way any more because with a number of quick steps and tips, your home will be always looking pristine without you having to overload your plate. Take a look at the article below to see how to clean fast! These hacks may turn out to be life-changers!

  • Basket Speed Clean
  • Wipe Down Surface and Worktops
  • Sweep and Vacuum Floors
  • Empty the Bins
  • Fluff the pillows
  • Make your Bed Every Morning
  • Hide the Laundry Basket
  • Clean the Fridge Door
  • Buy Flowers

Basket Speed Clean

As you make your way through the rooms, pick up any items and clutters, and put them into baskets (a basket for each room). Go through each room and area, and think about what actually contributes to the mess and clutter. Do not take too much time about it! If there is an item which is not part of the décor (such as souvenir on the shelf), then toss in the basket along with papers, tools, misplaced items, etc. It will take you only a couple of minutes to clear the surfaces off and have a clutter-free area.

Right before bed is the perfect time to quickly sort through the baskets and put everything where it belongs. If you do have to spare throughout the day, so be it. Eventually, the baskets ought to never overflow or get out of hand in case you  do the clearing off on a regular manner. It is not that hard, is it?

Wipe down surfaces and work tops

It is harder and counter-productive to clean and dust the surfaces when there are a plethora of miscellaneous items. Wiping down the paths around each item is not the right strategy to clean because you are left with bits of dust around the jars, vases, books and any other object you are ignoring.

Once you clear the counters, chairs, tables, nightstands and other surfaces, wipe them with a damp cloth. Wiping down the shelves and other surfaces on a daily basis takes only minutes but it is the right step you need to take towards making your home sparkling clean. Dusting and wiping down on a daily basis also prevents the build up of dust, crumbs, and hair.

Sweep and vacuum

Vacuuming on a regular basis is extremely important. Have you ever noticed that even after doing nothing else but vacuum, the entire home looks more presentable? Remember not to vacuum before wiping down because particles fall to the floor are reminding from

Empty bins and cans

Try to take the trash often especially cans that do not have lids. An empty can creates the illusion that the place is cleaner than it actually is.

Fluff the pillows

For giving new lease of life to your home, fluff the pillows in the living room. Honestly, this is the laziest trick ever! Simply fluff all of the pillows, and the room will look a lot fresher.

Make your bed every morning

Do not you think that your place will look more presentable if you make the beds in the morning? This also sets the mode for the day.

Hide the laundry basket

Rooms look cleaner when the piles of clothes are out of sight. If you have a closet, put it inside so that you cannot see it overflowing with dirty clothes.

Clean the fridge door

Do you want to know how to make the kitchen look cleaner? You do not need all the clutter on the fridge door! Clear it off for a couple of minutes and you will see the place transformed.

Add fresh flowers

Well, it may not be exactly a tip regarding the cleaning project, but once you have cleaned the surfaces, vacuumed the floors, fluffed the pillows, taken the trash out, hidden the laundry basket, and made the beds, you deserve to spoil yourself. Buy fresh flowers and place them where you can admire them. This will make your home look tidier.

One of the best pieces of advice a professional housekeeper may give you is to work in an organised manner, cleaning from top to bottom. It is not impossible to clean your home fast and easy, you just need to focus while doing the chores and you will see for yourself that the end result may even surprise you.


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