How to choose fertility clinic?


Trying to become pregnant can be a difficult and emotional experience as well as a confusing time. You hear a multitude of technical and medical terms, you hear anecdotal stories from various couples and individuals who have been through the process, each with their own experience and story to tell, so making a choice on a fertility clinic can be a really daunting experience.

You have to think about what is important to you, what factors and conditions are important to you, is the idea of personalised care important? do you place a lot of value on the doctor-patient relationship? If you are looking for a fertility clinic in Spain, then there is fertility clinic in Barcelona, with professional staff, with a high success rate and at pricing that makes it possible for you to consider assisted reproduction.

Barcelona IVF is an assisted reproduction center, the medical support team consist of gynecologists, andrologists, biologists, anesthesiologists and psychologists all providing you with a professional and supportive experience, guiding you and assisting you with you sterility problems.

With the latest innovations and technology, the clinic has a 90% success rate. That means 90% of patients at the clinic achieve pregnancy. As well as a high success rate in achieving pregnancy, the clinic has a low rate of multiple pregnancy.

The clinic offers a range of services regardless of the sterility problems. Egg, Sperm, Embryo donation, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Artificial Insemination and support for women without a male partner. For same sex female couples, the clinic can assist with the Reciprocal IVF (ROPA), where both women can participate in the process, one will be the genetic mother contributing her eggs, functioning as a donor, the other will be the gestational mother, receiving the embryo transfer and the recipient. It is possible that at a later date the process can be reversed, allowing each partner to experience pregnancy.

Whatever the process you can be assures that rigorous testing procedures, including a sterility evaluation to establish the problem, these tests concentrate on both the female and male prospective parents. You can be assured that whatever treatment or recommendation is made that the highest levels of care, the latest developments, technology and an experienced team are on hand to ensure that you have the care and best chance possible of securing pregnancy.

Should your procedure involve egg donation, the clinic guarantees the highest quality selection of its egg donors, these donors undergo genetic testing to rule out the presence of around 250 different hereditary diseases, giving you the highest quality eggs. There is 24 hour care and support available helping you achieve a personalized experience, giving you confidence in the service and process that you are undertaking.

Assisted reproduction can be a considered cost as well as an emotional decision and Barcelona IVF offer suitable finance options to help you along the way, all details and success rates of your recommended procedure are discussed allowing you to make an informed decision helping you make your dream come true.


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