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How to Capture the Perfect Holiday Photographs with Your Phone


In the days before smartphones, and when digital SRL cameras were not an option, holidaymakers would have to do things the old-fashioned way. The time between taking photos and having them developed on our arrival may have been exciting, but it was certainly unpredictable.

Boasting about the incredible safari shots or images from inside the Sistine Chapel was a dangerous game, as you were never entirely sure how the photos would turn out. Thankfully this problem is not one the average smartphone user has today. So forget about ruined photos, turning to the photo library of Focused collection to pass their images off as your own, simply your phone out of your pocket and prepare to start snapping.

Before you begin, check out these tips to capturing the perfect photos.

Is Your Phone up to the Job?

First things first: if you are expecting to capture photos worthy of every single prize that has ever existed in photography, it’s unlikely you will get there with an old smartphone.

If you are happy with the hand-me-down or reliable handset which has seen you through season after season for a number of years, it’s probably best to take a top-spec camera with you too. This is if you are aiming to take some stellar photos which make you the envy of your friends and family.

Get Creative

Taking the same photo over and over again is not generally inspiring. Imitating what you have seen in magazines or from your circle isn’t really the way to capture something beautiful and different. Get creative with your subject. Think of the most outstanding features of the place you are going, and scope the area out for the wild and wonderful.

Almost every angle conceivable to shoot an onward looking photo of the Eiffel tower has been done. Instead, check out the creepy and unique blocked entrances to the Parisian catacombs, or the gates around the Père Lachaise cemetery.

Be Impulsive

Much like a jazz musician can tap into their feelings in order to deliver a sweet improvisation, a photographer can “feel” when a shot is right. Get into the moment and allow your instincts to rule over the right shot.

Imagine standing on the Great Wall of China, watching the sun set as you take in the beauty and history of the area surrounding you. Capture moments like these by immortalizing them in photos. The best ones are often those which are not planned, but shot on impulse.

Take Advantage of Sudden Changes

On the set many movies which are shout outdoors, the team will spray water on the asphalt and nearby greenery to make a shot look more vibrant. The greenery and manmade materials are often complimented when filmed, as the vibrancy and contrast loos more impressive.

If you are traveling and there is a storm, for example, make sure your capture the sudden changes. Heavy rain fall in an otherwise dry environment can really bring your images to life and capture something truly special.



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