How to Assemble a Pull-up Banner for your Next Exhibition


Do you know that pull up banners are one of the oldest but most effective exhibition show equipment? However, a few things go into the making of a pull-up banner for an exhibition to give an extraordinary result, they include a fashionable, professional layout, a functional, high impact presence, ability to transport your display easily and long-lasting investment. The splendor of original stands in Mexico is that their roller banners stands out in terms of arrangement and storage as well as being convenient to position up.

What You Get

A pull-up banner comes with a base, a published graphics, a supporting pole, and a padded carry bag. Pull up banners with a slim-line base – which include the Grasshopper pull up banner – additionally come with stabilizing feet to keep the banner steady and balance.

How to Assemble

Pull up banners take only a matter of minutes to put together.

-Unzip the padded bag and take out each element of the pull-up banner. 

-If your banner has feet, either secure them or twist them out – and if you have an outdoor curler banner, use ground pegs to hold the feet on the floor to have an equilibrium.

-Slot the upright pole together and push it into the hollow that is within the base.

– Additionally, pull the graphics up from the base and slide it onto the top of the upright pole until it is well secured.

– If you’ve got a double-sided banner, repeat step four.

The entire system takes more or less two minutes, which means you could spend extra time on other things that count.

Consider the following:

  • Location

Will you be using your banner for interior or outdoor use? Indoor banners aren’t designed for external use, so in case you’re showing outside, ensure you spend money on an Outdoor Roller Banner. Outdoor display banners feature sturdier bases, weather-resistant images, and fade-resistant properties. In this scenario, a Double-Sided Banner Stand is the best answer.

  • Unit Amount

The Twist Banner range and Link2 Roller Banners provide you with the power to link a couple of banners collectively to create a miles larger show. The versatility of these roller banners means that you can reconfigure your show to any floor area. That is a much cheaper way of creating reusable, large format stands without shopping for new kits every time. The Grasshopper banner is the bestselling entry-level banner for small scale events or exhibitions. However, it is available in an extensive variety of widths, making it perfect for any exhibition. It is usually suggested that this banner is good for brands that exhibit once or twice in a year. The slender-line base is assisted by a twist to ensure the display is strong and regular. The feet pull out and twist into a region – Hence, even though it can seem like there are more factors to this pull-up banner, the banner remains handy. It is supplied with a delivery bag for smooth storage and transportation.