How grey are your bedroom habits?


Whether it’s billionaire businessmen, bondage, or both, most people out there will confess to having a few secret bedroom fantasies.

Although people sometimes have an image of Brits behaving like the cast of Downton Abbey, in a survey conducted last year, Britain was voted the fourth sexiest country in the world with the UK sex toy industry worth an estimated £250 million a year.

It’s because of statistics like these that SKYN Condoms, want people to open up about their own sexual desires and reveal the their kinky habits.

To do this they’ve created a quiz, designed to show people how naughty they really are, and to encourage them to take pride in their sexual proclivities.

Covering several topics, the quiz calculates just how exciting you are in the bedroom and gives you a score out of 50. Discover whether you’re proficient in the playroom or more prude than rude.

Questions include: How loud are you?;  What’s your idea of great foreplay?; How often do you have sex?

Plus several more that should really grab the attention.

Marta Toth, Senior Manager of SKYN Condoms said: ‘We all would like easy ways of having better sex, no matter how good it already is. We created our ”How Grey are You” quiz to give people a fun, lighthearted look into their own sexual adventurousness and behaviour, with tips and suggestions on how to take your sex life to the next level.

‘Everyone who gives the quiz a go will also get the chance to discover better sex in a condom with our SKYN sample giveaway.’

You can take a look at the quiz here –


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