How businesses are going green in 2015 and why you should be too

Going green will benefit business and the planet Photo credit: Len Radin / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Going green is more than just a buzzword that everyone is going crazy about. More and more offices these days are embracing the green initiative and are putting their own efforts to halt the continuous degradation of the environment. If you are business owner and you want to help the environment in your own little way, you can always try these simple steps to lessen the harmful things that we bring about to Mother Nature. Here are some initiatives that businesses are doing this year to bring about a change to the world:

Pitch in

Recycling is one of the easiest things to do in the office. Everyone can recycle by simply segregating waste and reusing some items in doing simple tasks. You can encourage everyone to reuse paper when taking down notes or go paper-less by relying on emails and calls to relay information instead of printed memos.

Going green will benefit business and the planet
Photo credit: Len Radin / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Using recycled products such as paper and stationery also helps a lot. Post-consumer waste paper (PCW) is known to use 45% less energy during its production, lessening the number of trees cut just so you could print out that proposal.

See the light

One of the biggest consumers of energy in the work area is the light that illuminates the offices. Bright lights are conducive for increasing productivity but having them turned on for the day adds a heap of amount in your monthly energy budget. Try to replace your old incandescent bulbs and light fixtures by shifting to newer technologies. LED lights and compact-fluorescent lights are more expensive than your ordinary lightbulbs, but these fixtures can last longer and they use much less energy, making them your best bet to cut down on your electric bills.

Transportation solution

Encourage carpooling in the office to cut down on the toxic fumes that your car produces when you travel from your home to your workplace. Having a carpool not only saves money for gas, it also fosters camaraderie in the work area. You can always use the time in the car to chat with your officemates. If your business is near, try biking or walking to avoid pollution.

Sustainability specialists

Hiring talent that can determine how you can commit to sustainable efforts is becoming a trend for big businesses and corporations. It’s always handy to have someone you can rely on when determining the sustainable practices that you do in your business. Corporate sustainability is a good way to show to your customers that you care about the environment. Over the years, green businesses are viewed in a better light by consumers. People know that green businesses are to be trusted, giving you a chance to get more customers.

Green buildings

A new trend in office spaces and brand new buildings is the emergence of environmentally certified buildings. These green buildings employ a number of technologies that help lessen the carbon footprint of its tenants. Some buildings are powered by solar panels and are hooked up in alternative sources of power. You can also make your office space greener by installing solar panels and catching rainwater that can be used to flush toilets and water the plants. You can always inquire on leading companies like UGL Power Generation to find a powerful solution for your energy needs.

There’s no harm in trying out your very own green initiative in the workplace. Going green doesn’t need to be expensive or stressful, by doing simple things and bringing about small changes in your business, you can help the environment in your own special way.



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