Hovercraft sleigh unveiled


A company unveiled a novel alternative to reindeer for Father Christmas yesterday – Britain’s first HOVERCRAFT sleigh.

Hovercraft sleigh unveiled

The specially adapted red vehicles powers across the BEACH at speeds of up to 45mph as it transports Santa across the sands.

Hovabout – which has a twin carb 503 engine – can also travel across snow, ice and water and is described as the ”perfect” vehicle to carry Santa and his presents.

Hovercraft sleigh unveiled

It is the brainchild of Paul Bennett, who spent almost two years designing and developing it before bringing it to Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset this Christmas.

He said: ”It is very innovative. Hovercraft have lots of different uses across the world and can travel on almost any flat surface so are perfect for Santa.

Hovercraft sleigh unveiled

”A Father Christmas hovercraft is something that has never been done before so it is a very exciting project.

”We did a test run with it on the beach when it had snowed and it looked fantastic.”

Hovercraft sleigh unveiled

The company is offering rides on the Santa Hovabout for £7 on Burnham-on-Sea beach every weekend until Christmas and every day from December 17 to 24.

Hovabout will donate a proportion of ticket prices to the Burnham & Highbridge Community Medical Equipment Fund.

The fund is raising cash to pay for a £5,000 speaking computer to be fitted to the wheelchair of cerebral palsy sufferer Trevor Hayes, 50.

Hovercraft sleigh unveiled

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