Honeymoon period in a marriage ends after 14 months


The spark in a new marriage ends after just 14 months, a study revealed today.

Honeymoon period in a marriage ends after 14 months

Researchers found a year and two months after walking down the aisle couples stop saying ‘I love you’ as regularly as they did during their courtship.

It also emerged around this time women are likely to wear less make up and plod around the house in an unflattering dressing gown.

This is also the point when men begin shaving less often and start leaving the door open when they go to the toilet.

The timescale emerged in a study carried out among 2,000 married couples which was commissioned by BetterBathrooms.com.

Spokesman Nick Elson said: ”The results of this research aren’t that surprising really.

”Everyone knows that the honeymoon period is brilliant but the companionship stage that comes after that is in some ways better.

”The intimacy that comes from being comfortable with one another can only be a good thing.

”I’m surprised so many women put up with their partner’s using the toilet in front of them.”

The study also found there are more arguments from 14 months onwards over subjects such as money and future plans.

Most couples who answered the poll said they felt the spark was well and truly gone by the two year mark.

It also emerged many couples felt excitement in the bedroom dwindled rapidly in the first two years of marriage as did touchy-feely gestures such as holding hands.

Women complained their partner called them less and left the door to the bathroom open while they showered, shaved and used the toilet.

Both men and women agreed their partner cared less about personal hygiene after they were married and were also less adventurous in the bedroom.

Couples were also less likely to miss each other after they were married but couple who had been married more than 15 years were more likely to miss their other half than couples that had been together longer.

Both admitted they ate more than when they first met and that they would pick a spot and burp in front of one another.

Despite this couples still said they were happy with most accepting it as being the natural course of a relationship.

Nick Elson added: ”I think everyone is guilty of not making enough effort after a while but it doesn’t take much to get that spark back.”


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