Anne Parham, 62, from Dunster, North Devon, who is in a row with the National Trust after they have opened a garden that looks directly into her bedroom window. See SWNS story SWCASTLE: For visitors to historic Dunster, the walled Dream Garden close to its ancient castle is a hidden gem, but neighbour Anne Parham says allowing the public in has ruined her privacy and knocked £50,000 off the value of her own old house. She said the National Trust, which owns the castle and the garden, gave no prior notification of its plans, and the first she knew was “the appearance of strangers’ faces immediately outside the windows of two bathrooms, a bedroom and the landing”. Mrs Parham said differing ground levels make her first-floor rooms vulnerable and she fears visitors will be able to see her getting changed. She also claimed the peace of her own garden has been destroyed by hearing other people’s conversations and fearing that her own can also be overheard. Seamus Rogers, National Trust general manager at the castle, said: “We have been talking to our neighbour alongside the Dream Garden for some time about her claims of loss of privacy and have made a number of offers to help her.

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