Home furniture retailer ends ‘flap-pack hell’ with desks that CLICK together


A furniture company is hoping to overcome flat-pack hell with a range of desks that CLICK together in MINUTES.

Struggling to put together flat pack furniture can take hours and lead to endless frustrations with missing screws or parts.

But online furniture retailer Kit Out My Office believes they have found the solution with its patented ‘UCLIC’ range.

Each part of the desk or shelf simply clicks together and a typical home office can be fitted out in under 10 minutes.

A spokesperson of Kit Out My Office said: ‘We’ve all been there – taken delivery of self-assembly furniture, unpacked, to find 101 different parts and an assembly manual that looks like it’s from a 16th century witches spell book – both in content and the drab, brown, well-worn paper that looks like it’s been in a warehouse rotting away for the past decade. We want to end this.

‘With our new UCLIC home office desk range, it was designed with the consumer in mind, so parts are minimal and easy to click together, so that even the most deluxe design in this range can be assembled in less than 10 minutes.’


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