Hitler fanatic thrown out of Asda for wearing SS uniform dresses his dog in NAZI outfit

Paul's dog Albie dressed in a Nazi costume
Paul's dog Albie dressed in a Nazi costume
Hitler fanatic Paul Dutton dressed in an SS uniform
Hitler fanatic Paul Dutton dressed in an SS uniform

The Hitler nut who wore a full SS uniform to the supermarket has launched a fresh offensive – by dressing his dog in a Nazi outfit.

Paul Dutton, 48, outraged shoppers when he strolled into his local Asda in black SS uniform and cap with a red swastika armband.

He has now taken his obsession one step further by walking his Chinese crested dog Albie in a homemade Nazi coat.

Dutton has spent two months making the wool-lined beige outfit which has a big black swastika on the back and two straps with two other SS badges.

The pair in matching outfits go for walks around his Cambridge home – to the horror of onlookers.

Mothers with pushchairs and a group of ramblers watched in disgust as Dutton marched past wearing another uniform from his Nazi wardrobe.

It included a long black coat with white lapels and swastika armband and beanie-type hat with white Nazi spreadeagle symbol on the front.

Defiant Dutton, a former caretaker with six children and five grandchildren, said: “I’d love to get my kids dressed up but they don’t really want to be involved in my Nazi stuff.

Paul's dog Albie dressed in a Nazi costume
Paul’s dog Albie dressed in a Nazi costume

“But Albie doesn’t mind and it’s just a nice little coat for him.

“I put a lot of effort into making it, it took a long time to make and I’m proud of it.

“I finally finished it this week and felt it was time I took Albie on a walk in it.

“Now we can march as Hitler’s men.

“I still don’t regret going into Asda that day, if I did, I wouldn’t be doing this.”

Dutton was thrown out of Asda in November after parading down the aisles in his uniform.

He has a Facebook page and a website which contain long rambling accounts of what he describes as his ‘Struggle for Sanity’.

After the Asda incident he revealed his obsession with Hitler and said: “I am mesmerised by the swastika. Hitler is my whole life, it’s not just a hobby.

“People look to God in times of need, but Hitler is my God.”

Mr Dutton admits his partner Nina Worship, 41, does not allow his children to take part in his Nazi worshipping.

But he said she had no qualms with him getting his hands on the family dog.

The Chinese crested dog is almost hairless, and its skin needs to be treated like human skin – including wearing sun cream, and occasionally in winter requiring a coat.

Daniel Carmel Brown, from Jewish Care, said Holocaust survivors “bear the scars of their past” and can “do without” Mr Dutton’s antics.

He said: “As an organisation who provides care and support to hundreds of Holocaust survivors we are saddened to see images of Paul Dutton and his dog walking the streets in Nazi uniforms covered in swastikas.

“Holocaust survivors still bear the scars of their past, as they age dealing with their past becomes all the more difficult, they can do without having images such as this on public display.”


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