High street comes to a halt as family of swans go for a walk


This is the moment shoppers and traffic in a town centre were brought to a standstill after a family of swans took a stroll along the high street.

The adult bird and its six tiny cygnets spent over an hour waddling around Perranporth in Cornwall.

Shoppers watched in amazement as the pen lead her brood through the busy streets at around 10am on Tuesday.

Their mile-long trek took them from their home on a boating lake, along the beach, through the centre of town and back along the high street.

At one stage, the mother stopped to peer through a shop window and checked her reflection in the wing mirror of a parked van.

Estate agent Beverley Chick , 41, took photos of the swans after they walked past her office.

She said: ”We don’t know why they came into town like that. Maybe the mother just wanted to show off her brood to the whole town.

”They live at the boating lake and their route took them along the beach and all the way through town, so it’s a long way.

”On their way back they walked all the way along the high street which meant all the traffic had to stop and wait until they had finished.

”The mother kept looking in the shop windows and was even pecking at the window of our office.”

Beverley added: ”It was a lovely sight and no one minded waiting for them. We hope they come again.”


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