Hero three-year-old girl saved mum’s life by calling 999 when she collapsed


A tot has been given a bravery award for saving the life of her ill mother – by calling 999 and standing on TIPTOES to let in paramedics.

Little Daisy Lay, 3, who has been awarded for her bravery after saving the life of her ill mother - by calling 999 (SWNS Group)
Little Daisy Lay, 3, who has been awarded for her bravery after saving the life of her ill mother – by calling 999 (SWNS Group)

Heroic Daisy Lay, three, sprung into action after her mother Lizzie became unwell and fell unconscious.

Daisy helped her mum into the recovery position, calmly spoke to emergency call handlers and helped ambulance crews get in through the locked front door.

She has now been given an award from the British Red Cross in recognition of her bravery.

And her mother Lizzie, 33, of Liskeard, Cornwall, said: “She is without doubt my little hero.”

Recalling the incident, she added: “I was feeling ill so I hadn’t gone to work and I’d kept Daisy home from the childminder.

“I was just opening the fridge door to get Daisy some milk when I felt dizzy and collapsed. The next thing I remember is lying on the floor on my back.

“I couldn’t feel the whole left side of my body. I was paralysed and I was slurring. My instant thought was that I had had a stroke.”

Daisy Lay with her mum Lizzie (SWNS Group)
Daisy Lay with her mum Lizzie (SWNS Group)

After pulling Lizzie’s right arm across her body to help her into the recovery position, Daisy fetched her mum’s mobile phone.

But Lizzie soon realised no-one could understand her slurred speech so Daisy took over, relayed what had happened and gave the operator their address.

She then had to stand on tiptoes on a chair to reach up to the front door key hanging on a hook, and waited to pass it through the door to a paramedic.

Lizzie added: “When the paramedic arrived and was checking me out, Daisy then ran upstairs to get me a pillow and blanket and a teddy bear to cheer me up.

“I was surprised how calm she was. She was crying all the way through but she wasn’t panicking.

“I hate to think what would have happened if she hadn’t been there. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to reach the key.

“She’s a very strong, wonderful little girl. I am very proud of her. She is definitely my hero.”

After the incident in June last year, Lizzie nominated Daisy for a British Red Cross Humanitarian Award.

A parcel arrived this week containing a trophy, a certificate and a personalised drawing depicting her courageous actions.

The mother of three, who runs a toy shop, is still undergoing tests to work out what caused her collapse but has been unable to drive since.

She said: “I was unconscious for about five minutes but Daisy was so calm and brave. The paramedics thought it was a stroke but I had a Ct scan. I am still having test to work out what happened.

“But I am just so thankful Daisy was there to save me.”


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