Lily-Mae Martine, aged 22-months, with her mother Charlotte Martine. A mum has thanked heroic supermarket staff who saved the life of her baby daughter when she started choking – on a SMARTIE. See NTI story NTICHOKE. Little Lily-Mae Martine began to turn blue and struggled for breath after she got half of one of the chocolate treats stuck in her throat in a Morrisons store. Her mother Charlotte Martine, 26, frantically tried to dislodge the Smartie but it remained trapped in the 22-month-old’s throat. Luckily, staff member Claire Fish, 42, heard the commotion from a nearby aisle and leapt into action to rush to the tot’s aid. She firmly struck Lily-Mae between her shoulder blades which removed the chocolate fragment and allowed her to breathe again. Yesterday (Tue), mum Charlotte praised staff at the Morrisons supermarket in Malvern, Worcs., for saving her daughter’s life last Tuesday morning (1/3).

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