Hero soldier beats Taliban by blasting his way through a brick wall


A hero soldier saved the lives of six comrades under fire by the Taliban – after using a MISSILE to blast his way through a brick wall

Brave Michael Parker, 21, was on foot patrol in southern Afghanistan with a team of men when they were ambushed by the insurgents in an alleyway.

So the brave Marine used his missile launcher to blast a massive hole in the wall – allowing all the men to escape unhurt.

Marine Parker, of 40 Commando, said his first priority was to ensure the safety of his comrades.

He said: ”I was scared at first, but I managed to steady myself to fire the weapon for the lads to extract safely.

”Working with such a strong team brings the best out in you and makes you perform at your best at all times, so you don’t let them down.

”They have your back and you have theirs. I also took confidence from the lads giving me covering fire.”

Marine Parker – who was three months into his first tour – had been patrolling around the area and chatting to locals before entering a dense urban zone.

His team had been using ladders to climb over compound walls instead of walking down narrow alleyways which make them susceptible to attack.

But they were engaged by enemy forces and were forced to head back towards a wall at the end of an alleyway.

He blasted the hole using a shoulder-launched Land Attack Standard Missile – which are rarely used because they cause so much damage.

The men then carried on with their patrol and there were no civilian or military casualties.

Michael, of Plymouth, Devon, is three months into his first six month tour, and says he misses girlfriend Stephanie Bate.

He said: ”I miss spending time with Stephanie. I miss her the most out here, but she is really supportive. I’m looking forward to getting back to the UK and taking her on holiday.”


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