Heartbroken Mum Of 16-Year-Old Who Collapsed & Died In March Horrified After Finding Fake Facebook Page Using Her Daughters Pictures

Jessica Davies, 16, who died in March.
Jessica Davies, 16, who died in March.
Jessica Davies, 16, who died in March.

A grieving mum was disgusted to find “sick” internet trolls had created a fake Facebook profile using her dead daughter’s photos.

Karen Davies, 45, said she spotted an account shortly before Christmas featuring photos of her daughter Jessica Davies, 16, who died in March.

The account, using the name ‘Jessica Price’, even claimed the photos had been taken recently, with one featuring the caption: “Me the other day”.

Karen said: “It was just pure coincidence that we came across this profile.

“It was about two weeks before Christmas and it was upsetting for the family because it was going to be our first Christmas without Jessica.

“On this page there was a status that said, ‘add me this is my new Facebook account’ and wrote ‘me the other day’ on photos when they must have known she had died.

“The fact they had gone on her page and taken the pictures and for them to then say ‘it’s me’ is just awful.

“The whole family is devastated to have lost her and it’s not very nice to have to deal with this.

Jessica Davies, 16, who died in March.
Jessica Davies, 16, who died in March.

“I know people will say that you should have closed down the page but we are just not ready at the moment.

“It is a comfort to the family to go on there and post messages.”

Nursery cook Karen said her and the rest of the family led a frantic search to find who was behind the page.

She said: “The profile said this Jessica Price was from Liverpool and it must have been someone who knew what had happened to Jessica.

“We were trying to see if we could find the I.P. address to track down where they were.

“But then a family friend reported it to Facebook and the page got taken down.

“They are just very lucky we didn’t find out who it was.

“We have tried to think of all sorts of reasons why someone would do this and we just feel while this is going on she can’t rest.

“I wouldn’t want any other family to go through this.

“It is really horrible for any parent to see someone pretending to be your son or daughter.”

swns_fake_pic_03Karen, who is also mum to Amanda, 25, and David, 24, said the family had also spotted another fake profile in Jessica’s name which had been spamming people’s inboxes.

She said: “The person or people who have done this are sick, they are causing trouble as well.

“Amanda has been receiving emails saying how an account in Jessica’s name is spamming people online.

“If that’s the case the whole family wants to warn others out there that this is a disgrace and disrespectful to Jessica’s memory.”

Jessica, who was also sister to Mackenzie, Brandon, Billy and Bella-Rose through her dad Brian’s second marriage, died 12 days after suffering a seizure during a school exam in March.

Karen said: “She was ill for a couple of weeks before with aches and a fever but when she saw the doctors they said it was normal.

“I sent her in for her exam on March 9 and said to her she could come home afterwards if she went to see the nurse.

“But she had a seizure in the middle of the exam.

“She went to hospital and they put her in a coma but sadly she deteriorated.”

Karen added that Jessica was looking forward to finishing school and moving on to colleague where she was going to study hair and media make-up.

She said: “She was looking forward to her prom and she had just started a job the weekend before.

“She also loved Justin Bieber and had tickets to go see him. It was her dream to meet him.

“She was your typical teenage girl. She was very fashion conscious and make up conscious.”


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