Chris and Angela Honeywell . A superhead who had a fling with a married colleague at the school he was sent in to save has been spoken to by POLICE – after going berserk when she ended their affair. Tough-talking Mark Stenton, 40, hired to overhaul standards at Clarendon College in Trowbridge, Wilts., raged at lover Angela Honeywell, 41, when she dumped him. He tried to KICK his way into the her home after she finished their three-month tryst – leaving him a voicemail saying she was going back to her carpet fitter husband Chris. Cops had to send the jilted teacher home, where he then sent texts to her 14-year-old daughter – a pupil at his school – threatening to kill himself. The £85,000-a-year head is now off on sick leave with stress, claiming the pair were talking of marriage and branded Mrs Honeywell a ”natural liar” for denying their love. But the mum-of-three has hit back – insisting the high-flying head told her what to wear and said she had wanted out of the relationship after THREE DAYS. see swns story SWHEAD 28 Oct 2011.

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