Happy Detox Tea: Detox teas made with ingredients from traditional Chinese medicine launched on May 2016


Tests carried out by a professor of traditional Chinese medicine found that Happy Detox Tea helped to achieve detox and slimming goals.


The infusions are composed of 10 different ingredients known both in traditional Chinese medicine and by European herbalists.

These include as example ‘puerh’ tea, which is used for its detoxifying virtues, ‘Cassia seeds’ recommended to burn fat, and the ‘fruits of the Chinese hawthorn’ known for their ability to quickly eliminate fat.

The compositions were created exclusively for Happy Detox Tea with a Chinese professor expert in tea from the city of Xiamen (Fuiian).

They were created to assist weight loss and detoxification of the body without compromising taste.

Depending on the objective, the different teas can be consumed either at wake-up time or before going to bed.

All ingredients and their characteristics are detailed on the website: www.happydetoxtea.com.

Happy Detox Tea also offers slimming treatments and detox cures from two to eight weeks.

A full programme of exercise and nutrition tips, are also available and suitable for both beginners and more experienced customers.

The 15-minute daily sessions work the large muscle groups and thus promote muscle tone and vitality while contributing to the strengthening of the body.

The Happy Detox Tea e-book also includes some of the schemes recognised by nutritionists as the most effective in the search for weight loss.


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