H2-woe: Firefighters free 20-stone woman stuck in waterslide


A 20-stone woman had to be winched free by firefighters after she became stuck – in a Butlins’ water slide.

H2-woe - Firefighters free 20-stone woman stuck in Butlins waterslide

The roly-poly mother-of-two was careering down a slide at the resort’s Splash Waterworld pool in Minehead, Somerset, when she and a friend became wedged tight in the plastic boat.

A lifeguard clambered up to help them, but one of the stranded woman slipped and fell as she stepped onto the slide.

Fire crews and paramedics then launched a two-hour operation to free the woman, who was in her 40s.

Resort bosses immediately shut the ride down and evacuated 100 holidaymakers from the funpool area.

They eventually managed to winch the woman down the remaining 100ft of the attraction on a spinal board at 6pm.

She was taken to Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton, Somerset, with minor spinal injuries but returned to the camp today – where she was due to enjoy her last day.

The horrified young children were taken to a camp nursery during the rescue effort.

H2-woe - Firefighters free 20-stone woman stuck in Butlins waterslide

The incident has sparked a review of safety procedures at the resort.

Butlins insisted a pump fault had halted the water flow on the slide – which has a weight restriction of 20-stone per dinghy – sparking the problem.

A spokesman estimated the woman weighed in excess of 16 stone.

But an insider claimed: ”Saying she is 16 stone is very generous. I would say she was around the weight restriction limit just by herself.

H2-woe - Firefighters free 20-stone woman stuck in Butlins waterslide

”Chances of a sudden problem with the water were also pretty slim. The combined weight of the women was just too much and they grounded.

”At one point they thought they might have to dismantle the ride.”


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