Gypsumtools Launch New Online Channel GypsumtoolsTV



Gypsumtools today revealed the next stage of its digital development via its release of new video content as part of a Gypsumtools TV relaunch.

GyspumtoolsTV is’s dedicated channel for YouTube, featuring on-demand content from the company’s growing catalogue of digital video.

In combination with the channels launch, a new advert ‘Get Tooled Up’ will make its online debut.

The ad represents Gypsumtools’ commitment to drylining and plastering professionals and is a fun, innovative way to showcase their brand values of great customer service, speedy delivery and the best dry lining and plastering tools.

Gypsumtools Operations Director Callum Wilson was delighted to announce the overhaul of the existing channel as it represents Gypsumtools’ commitment to enhancing the customer experience.

He had this to say: “The new content represents a great improvement to Gypsumtools’ online offer.

“Our online customers’ shopping experience is something we take seriously, and the new content has certainly driven this forward.’

The channels new digital content has been deployed across, mobile and tablet optimised sites and the associated social media platforms.

The new product videos have real benefits for online shoppers keen to get a better idea of what they’re purchasing.

The new online ad is a fun way of demonstrating what Gypsumtools are committed to and will mean shoppers will get much more out of the time they spend at

The product videos filmed include some of Gypsumtools’ best sellers and will give shoppers a chance to see them in action.

The additional information contained in the videos as well as the chance to see them in action will be invaluable to tradesmen looking for the right tools for the job.

The new content has given Gypsumtools’ site friendly, engaging and informative videos that will greatly enhance their online shopping experience. GypsumtoolsTV will be fully loaded with all the new content and will be regularly updated to keep things fresh.


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