Gurning man’s bizarre mugshot


A man arrested for shooting at an aeroplane stunned cops when he pulled this bizarre ‘gurning’ face for his official police mugshot.

Man arrested after shots fired at plane

Drunk Randon Reid, 26, is alleged to have fired shots at the stationary plane and then fled the scene in his car.

Officers rushed to the scene at Deer Valley airport in Arizona, USA, to find a number of shell casings on the ground and bullet damage on parked nearby aircraft.

The two officers then saw a car speeding away and, after taking down the licence plate, traced the vehicle to Reid.

When they arrived at vest wearing Reid’s house they found two guns believed to have been used during the shooting.

Reid, who had two outstanding warrants, was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving along and felony flight charges and refused to talk to police.

The owner of the plane, a 1953 Grumman HU-16, was Dr Stephen Ritland, who stores the plane at Deer Valley airport for six months of the year.

The baffled neurosurgeon, who doesn’t know Reid, told ABC15 news: ”He was trying to do damage to a perfectly good airplane, it’s hard to respect someone like that.

”His mug shot doesn’t strike you as that of a responsible, working citizen.”


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