Gullible paedophile confessed after fears of Mafia plot


A paedophile confessed to downloading child pornographic pictures on his computer because he feared he was being blackmailed by the – RUSSIAN MAFIA.

Gullible paedophile confessed after fears of Mafia plot

Sick Robert Turnbull, 45, wrote to the chief constable of his local police authority and admitted paying for and trying to download abuse images of children as young as six.

But in his penned confession Turnbull begged the police chief to help him fight off gangsters – allegedly holding him to a $5,000 ransom over the perverted pictures.

He was swiftly arrested by police who seized his laptop and computer, finding 151 disgusting images on his hard drive – some falling in the second-most serious category.

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Magistrates warned the gullible sex fiend he could be facing an 18-month stretch in prison after appearing before them and admitting five child porn charges.

Head Magistrate Lady Gooch said: ”You have pleaded guilty but before sentencing you will be interviewed by probation and we will be asking them to provide an all-options report.

”We are going to look at a custodial sentence as our starting point.”

North Wiltshire Magistrates court heard that Turnbull, from Trowbridge, Wilts., had download the images out of ”curiousity”.

Keith Ballinger, prosecuting, told the court that the pervert had entered payment details into a website offering access to images involving children aged six to 14.

But Turnbull recieved a number of messages claiming to be from Russian law enforcement officers which he feared were actually dangerous underworld figures.

The threatening messages told Turnbull to pay $5,000 within seven days or they would inform his local police about the content he had tried to access.

The court heard that rather than pay up, dopey Turnbull wrote a letter to Chief Constable Brian Moore, from Wiltshire Police, admitting what he had done – and asking for help with the blackmailers.

Officer then went and arrested Turnbull, and seized his laptop and computer.

Investigations found his hard drive contained 151 images of children and an extreme pornographic image of a horse and a dog.

The pictures spanned from level one to level for – the second most serious child abuse image category.

Dvds and CDs containing bestiality videos were also discovered and Turnbull admitted becoming aroused by them.

Tests on his laptop revealed search terms relating to the kind of material found and Turnbull confirmed he was the only person with access to the device.

The court was told the images were good quality and showed children as young as three or four.

Magistrates told Turnbull he faced a jail term of between four weeks and 18 months – but said they could not rule out a harsher sentence if the case was transferred to the crown court.

He was released on conditional bail until March 17 and told not to have any supervised contact with anyone under the age of 16.


  1. The children pornography is bad, obviously, but what’s the problem with animal porn? A horse and a dog? I admit, reading that made even me a little curious…

      • I guess it depends on the situation… not to be crude, but if an animal was penetrating a human, where is the harm or injury to the animal? I do not think this should be illegal. Yes it is sick, but no harm or discomfort comes to the animal involved in this situation.

        • The harm is that in most cases the person being penitrated was not a willing participant. Unlike mainstream porn almost all of the women who appear in beastiality porn were forced into it.

          • If we must continue, what about when gay men are penetrated by horses? They do have beastiality farms for this purpose and the men are very willing.

  2. Thanks police for not helping the man, protecting the mafia and showing al the world, whoever shows at child porn should be prosecuted as its creator. To say all the world “there’s no child porn available in America”. Because many people still believe a bad action is better than no action , children should be protected from horrors and problmes of sex, because of christianity and (its) laws we are made to beleieve nudity is not only a sin, but sometimes a crime whenever it may go to sex.


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