Jamie Swinney, 67, from Warwick, made a scary discovery after finding a live, young black widow spider in a bunch of red grapes, which he had bought from a local Aldi Supermarket in Leamington Spa. A unsuspecting pensioner was left shocked after he found a deadly black widow spider – crawling in a bunch of Aldi grapes. See NTI story NTIGRAPES. Jamie Swinney, 67, reached for a handful of red grapes he had bought from the supermarket when he spotted a black and red insect wriggling in the punnet. The stunned grandfather recognised the infamous creepy crawly at once, grabbed some clingfilm and wrapped up the lethal critter before dialling 101. Police called Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary boss Geoff Grewcock, who rushed over, confirmed it was the killer arachnid and took it away.

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