Collect photo of Jean with husband Dennis on their wedding day . Re – hilarious video shows an 80-year-old granny busting some serious dance moves and grinding on a man a quarter her age. See swns story SWGRAN. Jean Hodgetts was celebrating recovering from mouth cancer with her family at a local pub in Merseyside when she felt the urge to dance. But her loving husband of 54 years, Dennis, 80, was not invited to join her – rather she was after the younger locals. “She just got up and began dancing with some local men as if she was 20 again. Everyone roared with laughter and Jean danced the night away,” said her grandson Lee. “The passion and energy she puts into her dancing captivated everyone in the room. Everyone was staring at my nan living life to the full and I felt proud of her. “She always dances, I think at one point she wanted to be a dancer. She loves Latin music and Elvis, but if I put on modern pop music she’ll dance to that too. “All my friends knows her as my crazy nan, they all tell me she is so funny. I think she thinks she is 18, and she really shows that age is just a number. “She’s always the centre of attention, and Dennis has to take a back seat and watch her flirt with the younger men. But they are madly in love and he doesn’t mind.” Lee, 18, says that his grandma has always had a mischievous side and is totally adored by her six children, 13 grandchildren and four-year-old great-grandson.

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