Gran-sta rap: DJ Ruth Flowers performs first major US gig at 69


A British Gran-sta rapper has turned the tables on a quiet retirement by becoming a top DJ and performing her first major US gig, it emerged yesterday.

Gran-sta rap - DJ Ruth Flowers performs first major US gig at 69

Glitzy DJ Ruth Flowers, 69, has attracted a cult following under her stage name of ‘Mamy Rock’ after she began spinning decks in Europe earlier this year.

But now the widow, from Bristol, has just wowed a packed crowd of 3,000 Americans at Anaheim’s Electro Festival in LA.

She also recorded her next single ’69’ – in collaboration with an as yet unnamed American singer – whilst in LA.

Grandmother Ruth – who sports diamond-encrusted headphones, shades and is dripping with ‘bling’ – takes her inspiration from ‘Daft Punk and The Bucketheads’.

She started as a DJ in 2005, after being inspired when her grandson took her to a nightclub for his birthday.

A young French producer then helped develop her sound – an eclectic mix of ”old and new” – techno and dance with extracts of rock such as Queen and the Rolling Stones.

Since then, Mamy Rock has enjoyed residency at a club in Cannes and regularly performs at the most prestigious venues in Paris.

The former singer and singing tutor said her American debut on November 5 had gone well – with strong reactions from her adoring fans.

She said: ”They want to touch me and kiss me and they throw me gifts, bracelets off their arm and I’ve had two red roses thrown at me by young men and I think that’s rather lovely for an old biddy like me.

”As long as my health holds up, I will carry on. I don’t intend to retire. I don’t think anybody should retire if they’re enjoying their work and know what they’re doing.”

Gran-sta rap - DJ Ruth Flowers performs first major US gig at 69

Mamy Rock released her first single Still Rocking in July and spent the summer touring Europe and festivals including Glastonbury.

Her popularity has continued to snow ball following appearances at Cannes film festival and sharing the red carpet with top celebrities.

Mamy said: ”I like to mix the old and the new, so I might put electro alongside an old favourite like the Rolling Stones.

”I’d rather sign a contract with a record company than to sign up for the nursing home.

”People seem to adore me. They say they want to be like me when they should try to be like themselves the dear things.

”I think you have to accept the challenges that come your way. You can stay at home, and do nothing but go to an old people’s club and to church for a cup of tea once a week.

”But you don’t have to do that. If you want to do something then you really can.”


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