GOMA Industries’ best selling GoPro suction cup mount is now available on Amazon.co.uk


goproThe GOMA Solid can now be bought in the UK for a discounted price on amazon.co.uk and shipped to your home within days.
GOMA Industries have just released the GOMA Solid, a GoPro suction cup mount carefully designed to attach your hero camera to windshields, hoods, sunroofs and many other solid surfaces.
The uses are endless. Suction cups are the way to get that shot on your GoPro. driving shots is the one of the main reasons why people buy GoPros, and this is one of the most popular mounts in the United States.

After releasing their excellent product, GOMA Industries has placed their GoPro Suction Cup mount for sale in the worldʼs most popular online retailer, Amazon.co.uk.

This Suction cup comes with a free faux-leather GoPro protective bag. It also features and excellent stainless steel tether. This wire is designed to avoid losing the GoPro camera if it falls while people are driving, diving, flying, or whatever it is they are up to.

The GOMA Solid GoPro suction cup is now for sale on amazon.co.uk at a discounted launch price


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