Going s-nowhere fast: £300,000 Ferrari coated in snow


The Ferrari 599 GTO is one of the world’s quickest cars but this model was going nowhere fast after being coated in more than a foot of snow.

Supercars in the snow

Parked up on an industrial site, the £300,000 supercar was left out overnight shortly before Scotland experienced an evening of heavy snowfall.

And by the morning the Ferrari, one of only a handful in the UK, was coated in over 12-inches of the white stuff.

Most supercar owners dress their pride and joy in specially made car covers and then park them in a heated garage, but the 599’s owner left it exposed to Mother Nature and her wicked ways.


Just two weeks prior to the snow-covered shot, the Ferrari was photographed in the same position – albeit less ‘snowy’.

The snaps were taken in southern Scotland by 21-year-old Peter Watt and are among a collection of supercars he’s caught in the snow.

Peter said: “I was surprised to the see the 599 GTO out in the snow as most GTOs will probably go straight into a garage and perhaps only move when it comes time to sell.

“I knew it was a unique situation but wish I had been there earlier when the snowfall would have been thicker!”

With a mammoth 660bhp, the Ferrari 599 GTO is capable of 0-62mph in 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 208mph.

Based on the track-only Ferrari 599XX, the limited edition GTO is the fastest road-legal car to ever lap the car maker’s Fiorano test track in Italy. It is seen as a future classic with prices expected to rise in the future.

Peter also photographed an £80,000 Audi, £110,000 Maserati Gran Turismo and £140,000 Bentley Continental – all looking in need of a garage.



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