Glenn Hoddle apologises for Fernando Torres joke


Former England manager Glenn Hoddle has apologised for comments he made while commentating for Sky Sports.

The 53-year-old footballing legend was commenting on last night’s Fulham versus Chelsea clash when Fernando Torres, who again struggled for his new club, miscontrolled the ball.

After the £50 million Chelsea striker’s mistake, Hoddle joked: “When it’s not going for you, it’s not going for you. It’s come off his chest, his knee and his toe. It’s almost like the Chinese player Knee Shin Toe.”

Now Hoddle, who was sacked as England boss in 1999 after making derogotary remarks about disabled people, has apologised for the joke.

He told The Guardian: “I can only apologise to those who took offence.

“There’s no excuse. It’s an old football expression and I understand I can’t say things like that.”

His apology comes after Sky Sports parted ways with pundit Andy Gray and frontman Richard Keys after a series of sexist remarks made off-air by the duo were leaked into the media.


  1. Its a sad time if he has to apologize publicly for a comment like that. If there were any complaints, and I doubt it, they need to get a life !!


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