Glasgow Rangers sign El Hadji Diouf on loan


Senegalese international El Hadji Diouf has moved from Blackburn Rovers to Rangers on loan until the end of the season.

The controversial 30-year-old forward claimed he wanted to rid himself of his bad boy reputation after his move across the border from Ewood Park to the SPL champions.

His loan move was completed with just minutes to spare before the transfer window slammed shut yesterday.

Diouf said: “I can’t describe how happy I am to be here.

“I have just left Murray Park and the Rangers fans were waiting there in the rain to give me an incredible reception. It’s amazing.

“I have joined one of the biggest clubs in the world. Every football fan knows how big it is and what it means to play for a team like this.

“Rangers have one of the best supports anywhere in football and it will be an honour to play for them.

“I don’t regret leaving the Premiership to come to a club such as this. I want to show the world leaving England to come to Scotland is not a backward move.

“I know people have a bad impression of me and I have a certain image but these people don’t know me.”

Last month Diouf was told his time at Ewood Park was over after he was accused of taunting Jamie Mackie as the QPR and Scotland striker lay on the pitch with a broken leg during an FA Cup tie.

After his move to Ibrox, Diouf also apologised for spitting at a Celtic fan in 2003 – but vowed to cement his status as villain by netting against Rangers’ Old Firm rivals when they play this weekend.


  1. He’s is one of those people like Bower Barton Rooney GOOD at what they do but slightly irrational.. he also runs a charity THE DIOUFY FOUNDATION helping children from the UK and Senegal.. He is a Huge loss for my team Rovers,he was playing fantastic football but KEAN AND VENKYS are more into PR than true ability,no rovers players has a better first touch. His whinging about Kean is fake Kean was listening to the media and left him out cold since the QPR game,. where Pederson was the first to go to Makie ,even playing roberts ahead of him against is just an easy target,wno I will miss at Ewood
    Makie went to break Givets leg BUT BROKE HIS OWN.. THE PROOF OF THIS IS ON YOU TUBE FA CUP 3RD ROUND ..

  2. As a Leicester fan in England i have allways wanted you to win when you play Celtic but now you have gave this animal the chance to play football outside a prison then i will nolonger want this to happen,the respect people will now have for your club will quickley disappear.

  3. Usman ahmed, now theres a surprise
    You fail to mention the spitting on players,wanting to stab his own players and fight his manager,that is the kind of person Rangers are getting.
    Oh yes and he dont score goals,lol

  4. this Diouf is no biggie for us old firmers, we have bigger and better than him in Glasgow trying to make a name – be it good or bad – for himself. Bring it on at paradise El Hadji and see what you get. Celtic FC would never stoop so low as to sign a player such as he is, shame on you rangers.


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