Collect photo of David Dawson (R) with his brother Philip, taken in 1984 after his first failed kidney transplant . July 29 2015. A transplant patient says he feels like he has “won the lottery” after finally receiving a life-saving kidney – after 30 YEARS on the waiting list. See NTI story NTIKIDNEY. David Dawson, 52, had resigned himself to a life of kidney dialysis treatment after being stuck on the organ donor waiting list since a failed transplant in 1984. David Dawson couldn’t believe his luck when he received a phone call at 4am on 30 June telling him that he could finally have the operation he had been waiting so long for. David was told by medics that his wait for a new kidney was over, and underwent the operation at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth hospital just 12 hours after receiving the news.

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