Giant caterpillar’s web cocoons hedgerow


Residents have been flocking to look at this spin-credible sight – a giant caterpillar’s web which has completely cocooned bushes and hedgerows.

The sticky, silky mass is the work of thousands of tiny caterpillars of the Spindle Ermine moth which all start weaving at the same time.

Caterpillars, which feed on cherry trees, hawthorn and blackthorn, build webs around their favourite feeding plants as a way to protect themselves from predators.

The caterpillars formed the natural wonder around hawthorn bushes on the side of a country lane near Welford, Northants.

Safe from predatory birds and wasps, they also pupate in the web, spinning themselves a hard cocoon where they stay until emerging as moths.

Photographer Mark Humpage, 45, from Lutterworth, Leics., captured the incredible web on camera as he drove past.

He said: ”It is quite amazing. There were thousands of caterpillars. The webs were absolutely beautiful and caught the sunlight.

”It looked pretty amazing. Plenty of people were pulling over to have a look.”


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